EPIRBs, or Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons, are essential safety devices for anyone venturing out onto the water. These compact, battery-operated transmitters are designed to broadcast a distress signal in the event of an emergency, helping search and rescue teams quickly locate and assist those in need of help.

Within this category, you will find a range of EPIRB products designed to meet different needs and requirements. From hydrostatic releases for Category I EPIRBs to programming services and mounting brackets, each product is carefully crafted to ensure optimal performance and reliability when it matters most.

Ocean Signal offers a selection of high-quality EPIRBs, including the SafeSea S100 SART and the rescueME EPIRB1, both designed to provide peace of mind to boaters and sailors alike. ACR is another trusted brand in the industry, with offerings such as the ResQLink AIS GPS Personal Location Beacon and the GlobalFix V5 EPIRB featuring GPS and AIS capabilities.

Whether you are a seasoned sailor or a casual boater, having a reliable EPIRB onboard is essential for ensuring the safety of you and your crew in case of an emergency. With the wide range of EPIRB products available in this category, you can find the perfect device to meet your needs and stay safe on the water.