The Instinct category features a selection of Minn Kota Riptide Instinct QUEST 90/115 Trolling Motors with Wireless Remote, available in various sizes and colors to suit your specific needs and preferences. These trolling motors are designed to provide reliable and efficient performance out on the water, making them an essential tool for any angler or boating enthusiast.

Each motor in the Instinct category is equipped with a wireless remote for easy control and operation, allowing you to focus on fishing or enjoying your time on the water without the hassle of manual adjustments. With options ranging from 60 inches to 100 inches in length, you can choose the perfect size for your boat and fishing style.

Whether you prefer a sleek black finish or a clean white look, there are options available to match your boat's aesthetic. The Minn Kota Riptide Instinct QUEST trolling motors are built to withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater environments, ensuring durability and longevity for years to come.

With a thrust capacity of 90/115 pounds and a power supply of 24/36 volts, these motors deliver the strength and performance needed to navigate through water with ease. Whether you're trolling along the shoreline or cruising out to deeper waters, the Instinct category has a trolling motor to help you reach your destination with precision and control.

Choose a Minn Kota Riptide Instinct QUEST trolling motor from the Instinct category and experience the convenience and power of wireless remote operation on your next fishing adventure.