Simrad is a leading brand in marine electronics, specializing in radar systems and antennas for boats and watercrafts of all sizes. With a wide range of products that cater to both recreational and professional boaters, Simrad offers cutting-edge technology and reliable performance that enhances navigation and safety while out on the water.

From radar domes with Doppler technology to extension cables and scanner cables, Simrad provides essential equipment for boaters who rely on accurate and up-to-date information about their surroundings. Whether you need to detect other vessels, monitor weather patterns, or navigate in low visibility conditions, Simrad radar systems are designed to meet the challenges of modern-day marine navigation.

The HALO series from Simrad is a standout collection of radar antennas that combine advanced features with user-friendly design. With options like the HALO24 Radar Dome with Doppler Technology and the HALO20+ Radar Dome, boaters can benefit from enhanced target detection, automatic tuning, and connectivity with other onboard devices for seamless integration.

In addition to radar antennas, Simrad also offers accessories like mounting plates and cables to ensure that your radar system is installed and functioning properly. With Simrad products, boaters can experience peace of mind knowing that they have reliable and accurate tools at their disposal for navigating safely on the water. Trust Simrad for all your radar needs and enjoy a seamless boating experience every time you're out on the water.