VETUS CANNS500 Digital Battery Monitoring Shunt [CANNS500]

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CANNS500 Digital Battery Monitoring Shunt

Keep Your Battery Health In Check

Boating should be easy and carefree. And with the VETUS CANNS500 shunt, you are one knot closer to a light-hearted summer afternoon on board your electric-powered boat. Specially designed to keep track of your battery dataset, the VETUS CANNS500 Digital Battery Monitoring Shunt will give you that so-desired, worry-free stay on the water.

A Know-It-All Solution For Battery Readout

Wi-Fi equipped, the VETUS CANNS500 shunt enables you to keep a close eye on the percentage state of charge left in your batteries, as well as power consumption and the estimated remaining boating time. When in range, just connect your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to the CANNS500 shunt to get real-time information on your battery bank.


  • Easy Wi-Fi-connected monitoring with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop
  • Can be connected to an onboard NMEA 2000 network
  • Compatible with CANNME7 VETUS display
  • Suitable for various voltages (12, 24, 36, and 48 VDC)
  • Suitable for currents up to 500 A continuous
  • Real-time battery data readout
  • Integrated sensors for highly accurate reading and timely warning when monitoring an external device
  • Monitor the temperatures and block voltages of up to 4 batteries in 1 battery-bank
  • Compatible with multiple battery types, such as AGM, gel, deep-cycle flooded, and lithium LiFePO4
  • 3 Year Warranty
This product may not be returned to the original point of purchase. Please contact the manufacturer directly with any issues or concerns.

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