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Wichard Profurl C260 Headsail Reefing-Furling System [C260]

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Profurl C260 Headsail Reefing-Furling System

Especially designed for boats from 5 to 7 meters, the C260 model is a self-contained halyard furling system. Cost-effective, and easy to install on the existing forestay, the C260 does not require any maintenance.

The Self-Contained Halyard System

On light sailboats - especially fractionally rigged - it is usually difficult to obtain a tight forestay. The C260 with its self-contained halyard helps to minimize forestay sag by reducing mast compression created by a combination of loads from the halyard and sail.

Ease of Installation

The C260 does not require a specialized attachment to the forestay stem head, it is simply attached to the lower swage terminal of the forestay (eye and holes plates or turnbuckle). For boats transported and stored on a trailer, the C260 can be separated into two sections reducing the risk of damage while in transit.

Ease of Use

The self-contained halyard passes over a sheave box fitted into the top of the extrusion and returns down to a sheave and cam cleat. Once the sail is hoisted and tensioned, the remaining length of the halyard is used as a furling line.

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